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雅各書 1:27 在神我們的父面前,那清潔沒有玷污的虔誠,就是看顧在患難中的孤兒寡婦,並且保守自己不沾染世俗。


GCAC單親家庭事工創立於2000年,是一項服事單親家庭的事工,而非單純從事交誼、查經或傳福音的團契。單親家庭因為家庭遭逢重大變故, 對離婚或喪偶的成年人打擊甚大,對失去父母的孩子衝擊尤其嚴重,為協助單親家庭成員在危機後療傷復原,並持續在神的話語帶領下面對挑戰,單親家庭事工開始每個月固定聚會一次, 除研讀符合聖經教導的單親家庭教材,幫助失婚或喪偶者度過悲傷,重新建立人生方向,更協助單親父母學習困難的孩兒教養問題。

GCAC單親家庭事工服事的對象不限於本教會成員,也不限於基督徒,多年來幫助許多單親家庭重新得力並認識主,曾經與中華聖經教會共同舉辦單親營會, 而且成為美東「溪水旁」單親事工的一部分。GCAC單親家庭事工每年兩次補助單親家庭參加「溪水旁」主辦的退修會。

美國溪水旁關懷單親協會 By Streams of Water, USA

聯絡人:姜秀娟 Jeannie Ho 301-675-1685, hojiang268@gmail.com; 弋小红 240-252-8332, shelley_yi@yahoo.com

James 1:27 Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.

What is the GCAC Single Parent Ministry?

1. GCAC Single Parent Ministry

• Formed in 2000. Ministers to single parent families to meet their special needs in trauma recovery, to seek God’s wisdom, strength and guidance in single parenting; to encourage, support and pray for each other; to witness God’s faithfulness in our lives.
• We minister to widows and divorcees: men and women, Christians and non-Christians.
• Meet once a month. Adults have a study/discussion topic, using Bible based materials. GCAC volunteers minister to the kids.

2. GCAC Single Parent Ministry is now a part of a larger network: By Streams of Water (BSOW) Ministry that ministers to single parent families in Chinese Churches in Northeast U.S. Being part of this network provides us access to retreats and Christian counseling; ministry workers also learn from each other. BSOW hosts two retreats each year for single parent families.

Contact:Jeannie Ho 301-675-1685, hojiang268@gmail.com; Shelley Yi 240-252-8332, shelley_yi@yahoo.com